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Your Care Connected

What is it?

Your Care Connected (YCC) is a ‘local scheme’ that is running in Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull. It is designed to allow doctors, nurses and other registered healthcare professionals to view information from your GP record with your permission.

How does this help me?
  • Care given to you in an emergency situation is safer.
  • More secure and quicker than sending a fax or letter through the post.
  • Provides information such as medication and the results of any recent medical tests (such as blood tests or x-rays). This can mean the tests would not have to be repeated by the hospital.
What information is held?
  • Your record will include information such as; allergies, medication, vaccinations and immunisations, test results, medical problems, end of life wishes and any current treatment.
  • Not all of your GP record is available through Your Care Connected. Information such as IVF treatment, HIV and AIDS status, sexual health information and termination of pregnancy information will not be available.
Where can I find more information?

More information is available by: