Cofton Medical Centre

Providing NHS Services


What is it?
  • MyHealthcare is a local scheme involving 23 GP Practices in Birmingham, it covers over 123,000 registered patients as in run from three local ‘hubs’.
  • If you ring us at the surgery and we are not able to offer you an appointment or to talk with a doctor on the phone on the day then we can book you an appointment at West Heath Surgery—your local MyHealthcare Hub.
  • We can also book evening or weekend appointments for you at West Heath Surgery if you are unable to attend an appointment in our opening hours.
How does this help me?
  • This scheme makes sure we can give you care at the time when you need it.
  • Any information that is added to your record by one of the hub surgeries will be available for us to view here too. This means as your registered surgery we will be up to date with the treatment you     receive.
Who can see my information?

The doctor who will see you/speak to you at West Heath Surgery will be able to access your whole GP record – but only with your permission. They will need to ask your permission each time you visit them.

Where can I find out more information?

More information is available by: